Ninilchik, Alaska

Lodge Guests

There is no clock at the Lodge. What this means – no day is ever going to be the same. In one moment you may find yourself convulsing with a deep belly laugh – please note, snorting is common. In the next moment, well you may find yourself with an onset of water works as you spend time reveling in God’s purpose for your life. Speaking of water, in one instance, you may be presented with a river polar plunge opportunity, only to be rewarded with a dip in our hot tub hot and bubbly, nestled beneath the starlit Alaskan sky. Your wish(es) are our command(s), thus we will help you tailor your week according to your heart’s desires and budget, of course. We are committed to bringing you an experience that extends beyond the walls of our Lodge and defies the boundaries of the Last Great Frontier – bringing clarity to your reality. That is, until you join us again the following summer (as this is an addiction we encourage and support). In fact, we are in the beginning stages of developing a program to offset what you will soon come to know as PAS (Post Alaska Syndrome).

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