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Where God leads…

Here is a letter we received from Hellen Pierce, a wonderful woman who recently returned from the Fish Camp:

“As you know I’ve been gone on a trip and I wanted to hurry and share this with you:
I spoke with the missionary for Hands of Mercy in Mexico who told me of his
up coming trip to Alaska, to the Kenai Peninsula and I was instantly taken
with the idea of going there also.  I prayed about it but I didn’t seem to
hear anything by listening for that “small voice of God” advising me. So at
church one Sunday, after telling a missionary friend I was waiting for God
to tell me if I should go I said, “God would have to shout at me to get my
attention.”  She laughed and told me to ask for a sign from God.  So I
prayed for a sign right there.  Then I walked into the church, sat down on
the pew, looked up and right there two rows in front of me was a man wearing
a T-shirt with “KENAI’ printed on it!  I didn’t know whether to laugh or
cry.  I was stunned.  God had sent me a sign!  I had never seen such a
T-shirt or the man wearing it before. As a nurse I thought I might be of
some medical assistance while at the camp.  But for whatever reason God
wanted me to go I was ready to travel!…”

“There were bear prints in the mud beside the
bridge.  We always looked out carefully before going outside.
There are eagles everywhere.  There is one picture of a pink sky taken at
11:15 pm.  It is difficulty to tell without looking at a clock because
sunset and sunrise occur while its still daylight.  It never gets dark at
this time of year.  I could sit outside and read until almost midnight
without any other light source. I’ve been around the world a couple of times
and this is the most FANTASTIC place I’ve ever been!! I love it and with
God’s blessing can’t wait to go back.”

Knepper's Alaska Fishcamp Be Still in Alaska